Blankets and Pads

    Impact Gel Contour Felt Pad C3F
    * The 100% Impact Gel Base layer system
    * Unique 70/30 wool blend allows air to pass between the saddle pad and the horse for increased circulation
    * Hand crafted and sewn in the USA
    * Heavy Duty wear leathers ensure years of durability
    * Two-piece contour design allows for a perfect fit
    * Close-contact
    * Flexibility and even pressure point distribution
    * Fits round or square-backed saddles
    * 3/4" thick

    This close-contact design is crafted for maximum fit.  The two-piece technology consists of a contour over the spine, cutout at the withers and under the rigging for a perfect fit.  The internal base layer system creates a non-slip, close contact technology designed to lock down your saddle and protect your horse under the most extreme conditions, allowing extended riding.
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    Mustang Corner Plate Tan Wood Pad 4738-32
    * 1” thick pad has a contoured spine
    * Withers cut out
    * Premium top grain hair-on wear leathers
    * Branded motif corner plate of Team Roping Image
    * 32" x 32" x 1"
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    Mustang New Zealand Wool Pad 1133
    * 36" x 34"
    * 100% New Zealand Wool
    * 1/2 " Tan Wool bottom

    Custom designed 100% New Zealand wool blanke top with a 1/2" tan wool bottom.  Pad also features top grain wear leathers.
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    Mustang Pressed Wool Pad Protector 1491
    * 1/2" thick
    * 100% pressed wool
    * 30" x 30"

    Wool is one of nature's most durable fibers and conforms easily for a perfect fit.  Keep your horse dry and cool with wool against the skin.
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    MustangPro Ride Saddle Pad 4746-91
    * Grey heavy felt top
    * 3/8” thick neoprene center
    * Absorbent felt bottom
    * Oval cutout with vent holes along the spine and top grain wear leathers.
    * 32" x 32"
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