Martin Saddlery

    Martin Barrel Racer 14 1/2" Roughout
    66 Chest Barrel Racer 14 1/2" Roughout
    Suede Toast Full Seat
    Machine Sewn Seat
    Chest Leather 1 1/4" Cantle
    Chest Back Billet
    SS 7/8 Tool PR Flower Martin Basket
    Single Border - Snake
    Stirrup Set 2" Engrv Alum W/RT Rubb
    Silver Berry Concho Set
    Silver Dots

    The Martin Barrel Racer is ridden by professional barrel racers such as Kassie Mowry and Dena Kirkpatrick. It offers riders greater security and helps promote confidence. Designed with a deeper seat pocket, the Martin Barrel Racer offers greater stability in the saddle. Perfect for kids and even seasoned riders with strong, powerful horses. It can benefit riders with shorter legs who struggle to maintain balance. The Martin Barrel Racer’s design helps keep riders in the middle of their saddle and in control of their run.
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    Regular Price: $2,995.00
    On Sale For: $2,400.00
    Martin Saddlery  Rancher Saddle
    Hard Working, heavy duty construction tough enough to withstand punishment
    Comfortable seat pocket to take the stress out of an all day ride
    Reinforced bar withstands up to 3000 lbs of direct pressure
    Stirrup fenders swing easily to allow the rider to get deep in his seat and move his feet forward when necessary
    Bigger swells and deep seat pocket ensure a stable and secure ride
    Designed for the cowboys that work cattle and ride horses for a living

    Cantle: 4"
    Gullett Width: 6.5"
    Gullett Height: 8"
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    Price: $3,500.00
    Martin Saddlery Dakota Rancher 15.5"
    * Gullett Height: 8"
    * Cantle Height: 4"
    * Horn Height: 3"
    * Horn Cap: 3"
    * Reinforced construction ensures this saddle is built to last
    * Mulehide wrapped saddle horn
    * Fenders swing easily for added comfort and proper feet placement
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    Regular Price: $3,500.00
    On Sale For: $3,200.00
    Martin Saddles Cervi Crown C Barrel Racer
    * Gullett Width: 6.5"
    * Gullett Height: 8.25"
    * Cantle Height: 4"
    * Horn Height: 3"
    * Horn Cap: 2"
    * Shortened seat jockey (distance between the swell and cantle) gives the rider increased stability without hindering her freedom to stand up and sit down when necessary
    * Forward angled stirrups help keep the rider’s feet in front of her center of balance for better body position in the turns
    * Though the stirrups are angled forward, they are designed to give the rider a full range of motion to cue the horse as needed
    * Straight up and down saddle horn allows the rider to brace and support her body without losing balance
    * Horn cap is shaped to fit perfectly in the rider’s palm, accommodating added support and comfort for those who prefer to grab the top of the horn
    * Available with Adjustable Rig only

    Sherry Cervi teamed up with Martin Saddlery to design the Crown C Barrel Racer. The Crown C’s specific design helps barrel racers maintain proper body position and stability during a run. It employs attributes that aid barrel racers in absorbing those quick jarring movements common with today’s faster, more athletic barrel horses. When championships are determined by hundredths of a second, the Crown C gives riders a competitive advantage that truly makes a difference in their performance.

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    Regular Price: $2,800.00
    On Sale For: $2,400.00
    Martin Saddles Ranch Cutter Saddle
    * Gullett Width: 6.5"
    * Gullett Height: 8"
    * Cantle Height: 3.5"
    * Horn Height: 3.25"
    * Horn Cap: 2.25"
    * Horn is shaped to allow the rider to hold on while cutting a cow, and strong enough to dally or tie on when roping
    * Fenders move freely, allowing the rider to get his feet forward for cutting or turning a cow down the fence, and lets him stand up to rope
    * Great crossover saddle from ranch work to the show pen to the performance arena
    * Narrow, comfortable ground seat
    * Stylish design that fits multiple disciplines and multiple uses

    Designed for versatility and comfort with a classic cowboy style, the Ranch Cutter is a saddle you can ride all day. With a horn strong enough for roping and a narrow, comfortable seat, the Ranch Cutter is perfect in the arena or at home on the ranch.
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    Regular Price: $3,200.00
    On Sale For: $2,800.00
    Martin Saddles X-T Team Roper Saddle
    * Gullett Width: 7"
    * Gullett Height: 7"
    * Cantle Height: 3.75"
    * Horn Height: 3"
    * Horn Cap: 2.75"
    * Comfortable enough to ride all day
    * Classic look and design
    * Back D cutout in skirt relieves billet pressure
    * Double reinforced billets, extra strong with extra body
    * Billets feature holes from top to bottom for closer, more precise adjustments
    * 7” contoured flank cinch
    * Domed horn cap provides a custom, finished look and prevents racking your hand on the dally

    The XT allows you to maintain balance and control in the saddle. Its design positions the stirrups slightly forward to prevent the rider’s feet from falling behind their center of balance. The narrow feeling ground seat keeps the rider centered, stable, and confident for fast runs.

    Please expect a 90 Day Delivery. 
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    Regular Price: $2,800.00
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