Rattler Magic Loop Breakaway Honda
    Designed to have the same size and feel as a tied rope honda and to simulate its action, this patented breakaway honda was developed by Betty Gayle Cooper and Jake Merrick.
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    Price: $12.95
    Rattler GT4 35' Rope
    The GT4 is a four strand that's way easy to handle with lots of body. Lots of body means a larger loop that stays open better than any rope in the arena. It means you will catch more steers. More steers means you are going to be more consistent. More consistent means well, we think you'll figure that out for yourself. The GT4 is also much more durable than any conventional three strand rope you can buy. Once this rope is broken in, you're going to find that it will remain that way for longer. So if you're as particular as Kollin VonAhn, you'll pick up the GT4.
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    Price: $45.95
    Rattler Rope Can Black
    * Black
    * Carries up to 4 ropes
    * Leather Handle
    * Fits carry on luggage requirements

    Carries up to 4 ropes to keep them protected from the elements.  Seals tight to be waterproof, and can withstand extreme temperature changes.  Flat top and bottom for stability is made to support weight and can be used as a stool.  Features a convenient leather handle and an inside compartment for added storage.  Virtually indestructible and fits carry on luggage requirements.
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    Rattler Striker Calf Rope
    The first four strand calf rope with a core, the Striker is the most consistent calf rope avaliable. It is constructed of a special synthetic, industrial strength polyester that will not stretch, giving it a longer life and more consistency. The four strands give the Striker a smoother, faster feel than a polygrass. The core stabilizes the Striker, allowing it to rebound to its natural state. Right Handed.
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    Price: $39.95