• 101 Reining Tips
    101 Reining Tips
    From The Back Cover:
    "Calling for patterns that incorporate circles, spins, sliding stops, and other moves that come out of ranch work, the sport of reining has grown in popularity until it is now an international event (including as one of the United States Equestrian Team disciplines).  To help the increasing number of riders who have become involved, 101 Reining Tips provides essential information on all aspects of the sport, from selecting a reining horse prospect and necessary tack and other equipment to analyzing and practicing all the parts of required and freestyle patterns, up to competing in the show arena.  Featuring advice from many of the country's top riders and trainers, this guid is certain to help increase any reiner's enjoyment and satisfaction -- and scores.  Laren Sellers is a competitor, equestrian journalist, and photographer.  A frequent contributor to The American Quarter Horse Journal, she is the author of Training and Showing the Versatility Ranch Horse." 
    Price: $12.95
  • A Book On The Making Of Lonesome Dove
    A Book On The Making Of Lonesome Dove
    A Book On The Making Of Lonesome Dove features over forty interviews with individuals such as Tommy Lee Jones, Larry McMurtry, Diane Lane, Robert Duvall and more members of the cast and crew.  Photography by Bill Wittliff and Color Plates by Jeff Wilson.
    Price: $50.00
  • A Guide To The Rattlesnakes Of The United States
    A Guide To The Rattlesnakes Of The United States
    A color photograph guide the instructs the reader how to identify and learn more about the rattlesnakes in the U.S.
    Price: $20.00
  • Arena Legacy
    Arena Legacy
    From its roots in cowboy culture to the big-business excitement modern National Final's competitions, rodeo has embodied the rugged individualism and competitive spirit of the West.  Arena Legacy depicts rodeo's material and graphic heritage, showcasing unrivaled collections from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
    Price: $65.00
  • Between Grass And Sky
    Between Grass And Sky
    Between Grass And Sky is a collection of personal essays from the heart of cattle country by a widely published American environmentalist writer.  Here Hasselstrom addresses her concerns (or lack thereof) about the effects of ranching on the environment.
    Price: $18.95
  • Black Hills Hay Camp
    Black Hills Hay Camp
    Black Hills Hay Camp chronicles -- through photography -- the first years of what later became known as Rapid City, South Dakota.
    Price: $45.00
  • Bridles Of The Americas: Indian Silver
    Bridles Of The Americas: Indian Silver
    Bridles of The Americas: Indian Silver is a 12"x13" photography book that explores the evolution of the silver bridle, first obtained through trade networks and later, Indians.  This book includes over 500 photos of silver bridles from various museums. 
    Price: $65.00
  • Buffalo Bill
    Buffalo Bill
    A profile of Buffalo Bill, the famous frontiersman.
    Price: $4.95
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors: A Photography History
    Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors: A Photography History
    Photographer:   Gertrude Kasebier

    A haunting collection of photographs of Sioux Native Americans performing in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.  Each photograph is a masterful rendering of warriors representing a staged version of themselves.  An important historical record for the Sioux nation and a visual masterpiece reaching back over one hundred years ago.
    Price: $12.50
  • Buffalo For The Broken Heart
    Buffalo For The Broken Heart
    After struggling for years to make ends meet on his South Dakota ranch, Dan O'Brien embarks on a journey to reintroduce buffalo onto the Broken Heart Ranch.
    Price: $16.00
  • Buffalo Land
    Buffalo Land
    A written and illustrated exploration of the untamed wilderness of the high plains frontier.
    Price: $3.95
  • Buffalo Nation
    Buffalo Nation
    Buffalo Nation is the story of the American Indians' efforts to repopulate the Plains with a viable buffalo population after the herds were devastated in the 19th century.
    Price: $6.95
  • Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy
    Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy
    The Vet-Turned-Poet Baxter Black brings us a complete and illustrated collection of commentaries aired on NPR, including a humorous piece about two cowboys chasing an errant cow, as well as a solemn piece about a rancher losing his wife to cancer.
    Price: $15.00
  • Capital City
    Capital City
    A political novel published immediately before World War II that depicts the struggles of those caught in the Great Depression.  Part indictment and part warning.  Capital City is Mari Sandoz at her most passionate.
    Price: $3.95
  • Casey Tibbs:  Born To Ride
    Casey Tibbs: Born To Ride
    Rodeo superstar Casey Tibbs lives again in this biography about the six-time world champion saddle bronc rider.
    Price: $19.95
  • Charles M. Russell: Printed Rarities From Private Collections
    Charles M. Russell: Printed Rarities From Private Collections
    Charles M. Russell was a painter, cowboy, sculptor, writer, and an advocate of the West.  He is considered an archivist, as he accurately captured the realities of the West at the end of the twentieth century. 
    Price: $25.00
  • Christmas On The Range
    Christmas On The Range
    A South Dakota native and renowned cowboy poet, Yvonne Hollenbeck writes poems about everyday life on the ranch.
    Price: $15.00
  • Cowboy Values
    Cowboy Values
    James P. Owen continues his nonpartisan message of ethics in his book Cowboy Values, offering the cowboy as a model of "accessible, positive qualities that all can agree on, regardless of religion or political persuasion."  Cowboy Values espouses that a 'can-do' spirit, authenticity and strength of character are the name of the day.
    Price: $30.00
  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse, leader of the Oglala Sioux, fought in the Little Bighorn and was one of the last Indian leaders to hold out against the government. In Crazy Horse, Sandoz captures the spirit and heroism of the Oglala Sioux's last military leader.
    Price: $15.95
  • Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud
    Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud
    Originally in Lakota, Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud explores the Sioux nation through the lens of two revered members of the tribe.
    Price: $15.00