• Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud
    Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud
    Originally in Lakota, Crazy Horse And Chief Red Cloud explores the Sioux nation through the lens of two revered members of the tribe.
    Price: $15.00
  • Crazy Woman Creek
    Crazy Woman Creek
    In this book, women rewrite the American West with a collection of prose and poetry that sets the record straight, revealing the realities of their lives on the frontier.
    Price: $14.00
  • Crooked River
    Crooked River
    Author:  Shelley Pearsall

    From the Author:  
    "The year is 1812. A white trapper is murdered. And a young Chippewa stands accused.

    Captured and shackled in leg irons and chains, Indian John is imprisoned in a settler's loft to await his trial. All the while, thirteen-year-old Rebecca Carver sleeps and cooks and cleans below, terrified by the captive Indian in her own home.

    As the trial approaches, the Chippewa man struggles to make sense of the white man's court. In a world of crude frontier justice, where evidence is often overlooked in favor of vengeance, his young lawyer faces the wrath of the settlers who are hungry to see the Indian hanged for murder. And Rebecca must decide for herself what--and who--is right. At stake is a life.

    Told in the alternating voices of Indian John and Rebecca Carver, Crooked River offers a probing look at prejudice, early American justice, and the true meaning of courage. An author's note and bibliography provide additional historical details for readers."

    Price: $6.95
  • Death Along The Spirit Road
    Death Along The Spirit Road by C.M. Wendelboe
    Author:  C.M. Wendelboe
    From the Author:

    "Eighteen years ago, FBI agent Manny Tanno thought he was leaving the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation for good. Now a case forces him to return, digging up memories of his proud Sioux ancestry—and some family he'd rather forget.

    The body of local Native land developer Jason Red Cloud is found on the site for his new resort near Pine Ridge Village. A war club is lodged in his skull, and there are clues to suggest a ritual may have been performed at the crime scene. Agent Tanno's boss orders his to return to the reservation, his former home, and solve the murder in two weeks—or he can kiss his job good-bye.

    Manny arrives in Pine Ridge to find that some things haven't changed since he left. His former rival, now in charge of the tribal police, is just as bitter as ever, and he has no intention of making Manny's life easy. And the spirit of Red Cloud haunting Manny's dreams is not much help either. Now Manny is on his own in hunting down a cold-blooded killer—and one misstep could send him down the spirit road as well."

    Price: $14.95
  • Dim Trails
    Dim Trails
    This book of homespun cowboy stories is perfect for anyone who cherishes the cowboy way of life.
    Price: $20.00
  • Ella Deloria's Iron Hawk
    Ella Deloria's Iron Hawk
    Author: Ella C. Deloria, Yankton Sioux
    Edited by: Julian Rice

    During the 1920s and 1930s, bilingual Lakota linguist Ella Deloria wrote hundreds of traditional narratives and anecdotes in both Lakota and English. Iron Hawk traces the evolution of a cultural hero, from education to adolescence, to the achievement of marriage and leadership in the tribe. 

    Price: $3.95
  • Empty Saddles, Forgotten Names
    Empty Saddles, Forgotten Names
    An account of outlaws operating in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming.
    Price: $14.00
  • Farm Animals Coloring Book
    Farm Animals Coloring Book
    A fun and educational coloring book for kids featuring all of the animals on the farm.  
    Price: $2.95
  • Feathering Custer
    Feathering Custer
    From The University of Nebraska Press:
    "The noted Nez Perce fiction writer and critic William S. Penn turns his wry and penetrating gaze on the state of modern Native life and literature and considers how modern scholarship has affected the way Natives and others see themselves and their world.  The result is a uniquely frank, witty, and unsettling critique of contemporary theory and its ability to come to terms with the real lives and literatures of Natives in North America."
    Price: $7.50
  • From My Window And Other Poems
    From My Window And Other Poems
    From My Window And Other Poems is an elegant compilation of poetry, pioneer stories, and vintage photography from South Dakota's premier cowboy poet.
    Price: $12.95
  • History Of Nebraska
    History Of Nebraska
    This one-volume history of Nebraska is the standard reference text for the college student and general reader.
    Price: $12.50
  • Holding Stone Hands
    Holding Stone Hands
    Holding Stone Hands is the story of Alan Boye's journey to trace the path of Little Wolf and Dull Knife's flight from shameful conditions on a reservation in present-day Oklahoma, leading three hundred Northern Cheyennes.
    Price: $5.95
  • I Go With Custer
    I Go With Custer
    This is a biography of Mark Kellogg, the Bismarck Tribune frontier reporter who followed Colonel Custer to the Little Bighorn River and sent stories back to the newspaper.
    Price: $14.95
  • In A River Of Wind
    In A River Of Wind
    A Nebraska poet, Harrison has created a collection of precise and generous poems that capture the readers imagination.
    Price: $6.95
  • In Days Gone By
    In Days Gone By
    In Days Gone By is a book of short stories about a young boy riding the range on the South Dakota Indian Reservation, including tales of saddle tramps, cattle rustlers, ranch life, and hard times.
    Price: $20.00
  • Jim Bridger: Mountain Man
    Jim Bridger: Mountain Man
    A towering mountain man and legendary trapper, Jim Bridger braved the fury of the Missouri and, at twenty, discovered the Great Salt Lake. Stanley Vestal has produced a fair and accurate biography of the famous scout Jim Bridger.
    Price: $15.95
  • Keep Going: The Art Of Perseverance
    Keep Going: The Art Of Perseverance
    From The Author:

    "When a young man's father dies, he turns to his sagacious grandfather for comfort.  Together they sit underneath the family's cottonwood tree, and the grandfather shares his perspective on life, the perseverance it requires, and the pleasure and pain of the journey.  Filled with dialogue, stories, and recollections, each section focuses on a portion of the prose poem "Keep Going" and provides commentary on the text. 

    Readers will draw comfort, knowledge, and strength from the Grandfather's wise words -- just as Marshall himself did."
    Price: $12.95
  • Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions
    Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions
    Lame Deer was born almost 100 years ago on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.  Known as a medicine man, storyteller, rebel, and full-blooded Sioux, Lame Deer takes his readers on the journey of his youth, living as a stranger in his own ancestral lands.
    Price: $5.95
  • Land Circle
    Land Circle
    Essays and poems collected from the land by a woman who loves it.
    Price: $4.95
  • Lord Grizzly
    Lord Grizzly
    Lord Grizzly is the second installment of Manfred's The Buckskin Man Tales. Hugh Glass is a trapper, hunter, and fighter, left for dead by his friends after being mauled by a bear.  When his friends see Glass again, they witness his transformation into Lord Grizzly.
    Price: $18.95