• Mark Twain Made Me Do It And Other Plains Adventures
    Mark Twain Made Me Do It And Other Plains Adventures
    Mark Twain Made Me Do It And Other Plains Adventures is a collection of humorous essays that portray life in western Nebraska in the 1950s.
    Price: $4.95
  • More Humor Around Horses
    More Humor Around Horses
    A collection of short and true stories about ranching life, rodeoing and horses.  This book is humorous look at the modern cowboy's daily life.
    Price: $15.95
  • Murder At The PRCA
    Murder At The PRCA
    From The Publisher:
    "It's Thanksgiving, the bull riding season has concluded until the new year, and Chance Boettecher has returned to his hometown of Uvalde, Texas, where a pair of brutal murders threaten the historic PRCA rodeo circuit.  Drawn into investigating the crimes in order to clear a bull riding friend and save the "Major Leagues" of rodeo, he discovers that the other friends have motives for murdering the victims, while lacking convincing alibis.  Juggling romance with crime solving, chance finds himself in a life-threatening predicament while en route to uncovering the solutions."
    Price: $18.95
  • Mustang
    Author:  Deanne Stillman

    is the spellbinding story of wild horses in the American West.  Stillman explores the culture, history, and current status of the wild horse.
    Price: $6.95
  • Nature's Way
    Nature's Way
    Sioux tribal leader Ed McGaa (Eagle Man) uses Nature's Way to show the error of using animals and nature for economic profit.  He also explores the lessons and values learned from nature itself. Also explored are the religion, politics, and culture of the Native AMerican belief system.
    Price: $15.99
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers: Tales, Traditions and Triumphs
    Nebraska Cornhuskers: Tales, Traditions and Triumphs
    A book for the diehard Huskers fan!  Learn the lore, traditions, and triumphs of Nebraska's favorite football team.
    Price: $15.00
  • Nebraska: Simply Beautiful
    Nebraska: Simply Beautiful
    Nebraska Simply Beautiful is a collection of Mike Whye's photographs that showcase the rolling Sandhills, thriving city of Omaha, fertile corn fields, Missouri River and everything in between. 
    Price: $29.95
  • Nebraska's Cowboy Trail
    Nebraska's Cowboy Trail
    A user's guide for how to enjoy the 321-mile long rail line that once transported gold from the black hills for more than one hundred years, and is now a state recreational trail through Nebraska.
    Price: $12.00
  • Old-Time Cowboy Songs
    Old-Time Cowboy Songs
    This book has than fifty songs about pioneers and plainsmen composed between 1880 and 1930, and includes melody lines, lyrics, and guitar chords for each song. 
    Price: $12.95
  • P.E.O. Cookbook
    P.E.O. Cookbook
    A 25-year compilation of the best home cooked recipes from Valentine's P.E.O. chapter.  Delicious!
    Price: $7.50
  • Pioneer Women: The Lives of Women On The Frontier
    Pioneer Women: The Lives of Women On The Frontier
    Pioneer Women chronicles the hardships of women on the frontier and their journey west.  Peavy captures a variety of women's experiences in the west, from undertaking "men's work" to the unceasing wind, weather, and prairie. 
    Price: $26.95
  • Reflections Of The Badlands
    Reflections Of The Badlands
    This book is a history of the Lakota people, cattlemen, and homesteaders who made a living in the Badlands of South Dakota.
    Price: $19.95
  • Remington Schuyler's West
    Remington Schuyler's West
    Artistic visions of cowboys and Indians by Remington Schuyler and compiled by Henry W. Hamilton and Jean Tyree Hamilton, with an afterword by Brian W. Dippie.
    Price: $6.95
  • Roadside Geology Of Nebraska
    Roadside Geology Of Nebraska
    Enlive your next trip across the prairie with this comprehensive guide to Nebraska's surprisingly diverse geology.
    Price: $18.00
  • Roadside History of Nebraska
    Roadside History of Nebraska
    This overview of Nebraska history follows roadways to many points of interest, including the French and Spanish explorers, Native Americans, and modern agriculture. 
    Price: $14.95
  • Rodeo History And Legends
    Price: $25.00
  • Saddles & Spurs: The Pony Express Saga
    Saddles & Spurs: The Pony Express Saga
    Saddles & Spurs is the story of the Pony Express and the transcontinental mail it transported from 1860-1861.  The book explores the organization, biographical sketches, and descriptions of the stations.
    Price: $3.95
  • Saints & Sinners
    Saints & Sinners
    Saints & Sinners is the fifth volume in the Pony Tracks series.  It features 42 short stories and free-hand ink drawings.
    Price: $24.99
  • Son Of The Gamblin' Man
    Son Of The Gamblin' Man
    Son Of The Gamblin' Man tells the story of Cozad, Nebraska's founder and his son, a world-famous artist who grew up amid the violence of the frontier.
    Price: $4.95
  • Songs Of The Meadowlark
    Songs Of The Meadowlark
    Songs Of The Meadowlark features a collections of poems from the heart.  The book goes back to the early days on the South Dakota prairie and is reminiscent of the true flavor of farm and ranch life of the 1940s.
    Price: $14.95