Horse Equipment

Circle Y Saddlery Ladies Tammy Fischer Barrel Saddle
Swell: 12.5"
Cantle: 5"
Weight: 26LBS

Designed with barrel racer Tammy Fischer. The treeless design keeps the rider in close contact with the horse and allows the horse unrestricted movement. Fleece lined neoprene skirts are flexible, molding to your horse’s shape and bending with your horse in the turns. For the rider that likes a deep seat, the upright swell and cantle keep you secure and positioned. Forward hung stirrup leathers keep your feet from getting behind you and provide the rider great flexibility in the stirrups. Aluminum rubber grip stirrups. Seat inlay peace heart. “The close contact of my saddle lets the horse and rider connect in a way that traditional saddles can’t“ - Tammy Fischer
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Price: $2,295.00
K Bar J Leather Cowboy Working Chinks 200
* Wrap around the leg
* Fringe down leg
* Buckle leg straps
* Medium to heavy leather

Small -    Waist 30-35"
      Upper Thigh 21"
      Mid Thigh 19"
      Inseam 23"
      Outseam 31.5"

Medium - Waist 35-40"
      Upper Thigh 23"
      Mid Thigh 20"
      Inseam 26"
      Outseam 33"

Large -  Waist 40-45"
      Upper Thigh 26.5"
      Mid Thigh 23.5"
      Inseam 26.5"
      Outseam 34"
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Price: $295.00
Martin Saddles X-T Team Roper Saddle
* Gullett Width: 7"
* Gullett Height: 7"
* Cantle Height: 3.75"
* Horn Height: 3"
* Horn Cap: 2.75"
* Comfortable enough to ride all day
* Classic look and design
* Back D cutout in skirt relieves billet pressure
* Double reinforced billets, extra strong with extra body
* Billets feature holes from top to bottom for closer, more precise adjustments
* 7” contoured flank cinch
* Domed horn cap provides a custom, finished look and prevents racking your hand on the dally

The XT allows you to maintain balance and control in the saddle. Its design positions the stirrups slightly forward to prevent the rider’s feet from falling behind their center of balance. The narrow feeling ground seat keeps the rider centered, stable, and confident for fast runs.

Please expect a 90 Day Delivery. 
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Regular Price: $2,800.00
On Sale For: $2,600.00
Mustang All Around Ranch Rope 3330
*Waxed nylon rope
*Rawhide burner
*3/8" x 30'
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Regular Price: $21.95
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Mustang New Zealand Wool Pad 1133
* 36" x 34"
* 100% New Zealand Wool
* 1/2 " Tan Wool bottom

Custom designed 100% New Zealand wool blanke top with a 1/2" tan wool bottom.  Pad also features top grain wear leathers.
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Regular Price: $99.95
On Sale For: $89.95