Whites Boots

  • Whites Men's Cowboy Packs 214
    Whites Men's Cowboy Packs 214

    Standard in 14 inch height

    Designed for all but the most extreme conditions

    A wide steel shank offers daylong stirrup support

    Removable 9mm wool-felt liner keep feet warm

    A wider heel for better lateral support

    White's triple-lock stitched, durable full-grain leather upper

    Self-cleaning Claws Airbob lug-nipple outsole

    Rebuildable for years of extended life and value

    False tongue brush guard and nylon laces

    Available in full sizes

    Price: $299.95
  • Whites Men's Smoke Jumper Boots 400V
    Whites Men's Smoke Jumper Boots 400V
    * Standard in Black or special order Brown, premium full-grain, oil-tanned, water resistant leather, choice of smooth or rough side out
    * Optional hard celastic toe
    * Four rows of lock stitching for rock-solid durability
    * Completely rebuildable for years of extended life and value
    * Lace-in tongue guard and laces included

    This is the original Smoke Jumper that set the standard in the forest industry. It's been imitated by virtually every boot manufacturer in the world. But when it comes to the quality of materials and care in craftsmanship, there is absolutely no comparison. Its unsurpassed heritage has spread from wildland fire fighters to hunters, construction workers to truckers, and others who live in their boots and expect the very best. Hand-sewn, stitch-down construction provides the flexibility and comfort that cannot be achieved any other way. If you want the original boot that aced the test of time, this one's for you.
    Regular Price: $475.00
    On Sale For: $425.95